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«Indeed, I have become everything in turn to men of every sort, so that in one way or another I may save some» 1st Corinthians 9:22

This Pauline tactic stands out many times as a sacred challenge, that excites and electrifies the minds of the guiding Church and it becomes a springboard for new practices and applications of its divine message, which for centuries, stubbornly and firmly, brings to the souls of the people. No discounts and changes to the substance of teaching, but with manners, timely and perceived at any period of time, make visible and tangible the dimension to the rescue. In other words, it uses words, it readjusts mechanisms of the modern era, which allows it adjust its apocalyptic faith in every person of every age, in ways that can embrace and understand.

In our era, that has a purely electronic dimension and applies in its everyday life at large, many times, its achievements, pastoral sensitivity of the Church could not and possibly would not have the right to ignore. With its discretionary capacity, inherent and charismatic, and accumulated experience and growing the guiding Church can distinguish the «good and the beautiful» of our technological civilization and to adopt them as a means and tactics of evangelization of human souls.


So, one of the achievements, of modern reality is also the Internet, which more or less has become part of everyday life for us all. The Church, fortunately, from its very early stages, became aware of its positive side and has already raised it in its contemporary pastoral practice, as a global cyber information, awareness and exposure of its sacred teaching. And it demonstrates how, once again, that the benefit gained from anything, lies in its proper and positive use.

With this outlook of things, and with an enthusiastic inclination, we created the website of our local Church of St. John the Baptist of North London, which with the grace of God we minister and offer our operational and pastoral services. A Parish, which is one of the most central, lively and largest communities of the Holy Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain and which, under the wise and experienced guidance of our wise inspired Leader of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, His Eminence Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain and our Venerable Father Mr Gregorios, all of us, clergy and laity, as far as possible, we try to make clear the «position of Christ» in the modern mainstream, offering, in other words, the experience of the Crucified and Risen Christ as a message of patience and hope for humanity.

Like all our Community practice, so in this way, the creation of our website has been addressed and targeted to man, any man. The man who savors Christ and him, especially him, who has not perceived him in his life. In addressing all and for all, mutatis mutandis, we can become everything for the sake of their salvation! This small «corner» in the endless «area» of the Internet was created with the sacred aspiration to serve as a means of contact, which in no case, however, does not replace a face to face people with their fellowmen and God, that is mysteriously accomplished on the one hand, and organically on the other hand, in the living body of the Church and will always be the challenge...

We look forward to seeing you at our Church!